How to begin?

You already participated or you want to book a golf initiation?

Many options are available for you. Every golf club offers various “starters packages”. That way you can begin learning with a golf professional in individual lessons or with a group of people. Once you start, the chances are high you will want to come back over and over again!!

Where to go?

Every golf club is different and will offer various services. The golf courses are broad and with different level of difficulties. You will have some club with 6, 9 or 18 holes. Other clubs will just offer a driving range where you can progress and improve your golf game. The best option is to try different golf clubs in your area and see where you feel the most comfortable regarding your objectives, prices and quality of the services.

Check out the golf club around your area on the map and book online your starters package now!!

Find a club

Process of learning

The game of golf might sound very easy but it is a quite complete and complex sport. You usually start hitting balls with one of your friends on the driving range but the real game and golf swing is usually learned with a golf professional. The golf pros are proposing a broad range of individual or group lessons. Some of them are also offering some abroad training camps in order to discover new areas and learn the game in smoother golf conditions. Below is a recap of the main offers they suggest:

  • Individual lessons: The most efficient and quickest way to improve your game. You book your lesson with the golf pro and off you go!!
  • Group lessons: A bit more convenient for your wallet, it is a great way to learn the game in small group and get to know new people and be able to go out on the golf course together later on.
  • Training camps: The training camp usually combine technique and going on the golf course to learn the strategy of the game. It is an intensive week of golf where you spend some time on your technique, improving rapidly your game and go out on the course under the supervision of your golf pro.  

Kids starting the age of 4 can already take part to the game of golf all year long with some specific junior golf lessons given by the club professionals! A great way to do a sport’s activity with the entire family!!

No need to buy anything at the beginning

The passion for the game grows slowly but surely. You will probably try it a few times before deciding to really pick the game up!! So no worries, you don’t need to buy golf clubs, bags, shoes, etc. The club will provide you with all the equipment you need to enjoy your golfing experience!

Just come with some sports shoes and some relaxing clothes (some clubs will not allow jeans).

The golf clubs will stay at your disposal to answer all of your questions!! Do not hesitate to contact them for more information

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