Why playing the game of golf ?

The game of golf in the individual sport the most played around the world… 65 millions of people are playing it and already understood its numerous benefits!

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For nature’s lovers

Every golf course is located in a beautiful and natural environment. The beauty of the landscape will ravish everyone wanting to escape from the busy and stressful life to enjoy and discover nature at its best.

Reconnect with yourself

The game of golf being an individual sport, you will be by yourself, and play and compete with/against yourself. The goal is to put the ball in the hole and enjoy natural surroundings along the golf course. It’s a great way of reconnect with yourself and focus on “YOU” and enjoying the time to decompress from the daily routines.

A great way to keep you healthy

Walking in the nature, doing some cardio-vascular training, stretching your body with smooth and gentle movements. The game of golf is a complete sport that will help reduce the risks of cardio-vascular problems and more than 40 other diseases. In 2008, a scientific study showed that playing golf increases life expectancy by over than 5 years.

A unique way to develop your brain

The game of golf requires some specific part of our brain and will help us improving our focus, will truly show how to handle tough situations and dilemma. It will bring the best out of your mental strength and strong personality will thrive through these various tests along the golf course. Your memory will also be challenged during the time you are out on the course. All these aspects will definitely open your mind and reveal your character.

Time for you and time for your loved ones

The game of golf is a sport where you don’t need to find a partner of the same level. You can play it with people of your age of course but also people that are older or younger. You play with whoever you desire and share the same moment and passion. It could be friends, relatives, … It’s your choice to spend quality time with the right people.

Excellent for networking and meeting new people

The game of golf is probably the best sport where you can meet up new people and share life, sports experience. People spend 3-4 hours together on the golf course and share a drink afterwards and network. A great way to get to know people and make new lifelong friends.

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