Get your federal card

When you become member of a club, you will receive your federal card

Your Federal card is your pass to golf in Belgium and around the world. It attests that you have passed successfully your “passport” and have the required skills to play on a golf course. This card is issued by The Royal Belgian Golf Federation. If you are affiliated to a club in Wallonia, you will receive a card AFGOLF. If you are member in a Flemish club, you will get a Golf Vlaanderen card.

Advantages of the federal “afgolf” card

  • It’s your pass for Belgian and worldwide golf clubs
  • You are covered by an insurance in case of damage in Belgium and around the world
  • You support the game of golf and its development
  • You can participate in all the AFGOLF competition regardless of your level.
  • Your handicap is automatically updated and you can have access to all of your handicap history
  • You can beneficiate from a support by the AFGOLF Team through our different channels (website, newsletters, social media,…). The team is always there to help you with the questions you may have.

Validity of the card

The card is valid for a period of 3 years the moment you receive it. In the case you decide to change club, your new homeclub will deliver you a new card and of you go for 3 more years.

What to do if I lose my card

If you lose your card, you simply have to ask to have another one at the reception of your homeclub. The federation will deliver one shortly after your request.

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