Development of Paragolf

Golf is the only sport where regular players and disabled players can compete together!

Same golf course, same rules, same conditions!!

The 3 federations worked together to develop their paragolf program and named it #Begolf Paragolf. The project aims to include any player with any kind of disability to play among the other golfers.

The first objective is to structure the Paragolf program. The federation has a mid-term goal to send a Belgian Paragolfers team to the Paralympic games as soon as it’s recognised as a Paralympic sport.

Role of AFGOLF

AFGOLF being a regional federation has numerous goals: promote paragolf and also detect some young talents and bring them to the highest level.

The Wallonia Region and Brussels are orienting their program around three different axes.

Initiation and promotion

Goal: Make a large amount of disable persons discover the game of golf

How? AFGOLF organises golf initiations once a month between the month of May and September in the following:

  • Rehab center
  • Specialised schools with SNAG Golf kits
  • Golf clubs with regular equipment
  • Promotional events such as Pico’s Cup (over 200 children)


Objective: Develop the number of disable golfers by helping them getting their “passport” and access to the golf course.

How? Develop a coaching program in each and every club affiliated to AFGOLF.


Objective: We have a final performance goal: Participate to the international championships (European team and individual Championship) and more over sending players to the Paralympic games.

How? AFGOLF is putting into place a performance coaching structure that equals the youth program. The players will beneficiate from:

  • Physical and technical trainings
  • Coaching
  • Trainings (Belgium and abroad)
  • Kinesiology sessions
Click here to read the #Begolf Paragolf project!

Paragolf in clubs

Some of the clubs already have great infrastructures and propose sessions for disable players. You can find them here!

AFGOLF created a file to help the clubs to develop their Paragolf section: “How to create a Paragolf section in my club?”

Read the Paragolf for clubs file

You want to start playing the game?

You have a disability and want to discover the game of golf or you already play a little bit, no worries, AFGOLF gets you covered! Take contact with us and find here the clubs that already have a paragolf section. Don’t wait, come and join the fun!

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