The rules of the game of golf

The rules of the game of golf allow all the players to play respecting the game and the other golfers.

Golf is a sport where you are your own referee. It’s a sport based on honesty and integrity of the player.

The rules

During a round of golf, the player can face a numerous and various number of situations. Therefore, the rules are important and make it easier for the players to take the right decision and play with a full understanding of the sport.

The new rule’s book is very convenient and easy to use. It will help the player to quickly have his answer and play by the rules.

The book of rules is edited by the Royal and Ancient. They are revised every 4 years and the “Decisions” are implemented every 2 years. That way, every new situation can be covered.

Rules of golf 2019

For the paragolfers, the “changes of the rules of golf” have the latest changes allowed by the Royal and Ancient regarding the needs for the paragolfers.

Changes of the rules of golf for paragolfer

The code of conduct

The code of conduct is the essence of the game. It’s included in the rules of golf. It defines the behaviour of golf players among each other with a solo objective: make the game of golf the most pleasant experience possible for everyone.

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