Promotion program

AFGOLF offers a large panel of activities in order to grow the game of golf and promote the different golf clubs around Brussels and Wallonia.

Public events

Come and join us on numerous public event organised in Brussels and across Wallonia! With family or with a group of friends, discover the game, the equipment and hit your first balls on our stand!

golf @ school

The younger, the better! The game of golf shares a lot of great values such as respect, self-respect, focus, ethics! School and golf share these in common.

Against all prejudices, the game of golf is accessible to everyone! Each year, AFGOLF goes across the entire Wallonia to initiate primary kids between 10 and 12 years old and share the great values of our sport.

The game of golf introduces the children to a number of means:

  • Physical (endurance, strength, speed, agility)
  • Motive (stability, coordination, motion)
  • Mental (focus, memory, strategy, …)

The concept “Golf @School” is a partnership between different actors: the Association Francophone belge de Golf, the primary school of the Brussels & Wallonia Federation and the AFGOLF affiliated golf clubs.


The 5th year primary students (age 10-12).

How does it work?

Discovery of the equipment of the golf player, hitting their first balls, different exercises around the greens. The children are getting aware of the game and passion that it brings inside with your emotions.

2 possibilities for the schools: 
  • AFGOLF initiates the children in their school or sports complex nearby with some SNAG golf kits. Various exercises will be proposed and the children will be able to discover the 3 major compartments of the game.
  • The children are invited to a golf club nearby their school and will receive an initiation. Moreover, they will be allowed to check the different infrastructures of the golf club! A full immersion


Between December and June

Snag Golf Training

The AFGOLF team gives SNAG Golf trainings for the school sports teacher.


Sports teacher


  • Discovery of an individual sport that can be implemented in their school program
  • Lending of AFGOLF SNAG Golf Kits to the sports teacher

How does it work?

  • 2 modules of trainings are proposed to the sports teachers
    • Module 1: Snag golf in a sports complex in the morning and a golf initiation in the afternoon (full day).
    • Module 2: golf initiation and a 9-hole round (full day).


Trainings are given between March and June

Lending of SNAG Golf Kits

The AFGOLF lends complete SNAG Golf kits to affiliated golf clubs and school’s teachers.


  • Make people discover the game of golf in a fun and different way outdoor as well as indoor
  • For the clubs: Allow to discover the game on various public events close to their club or even on their driving range
  • For schools: Allow the sports’ teachers to give out SNAG golf lessons to their student during the entire scholar year.


  • For the clubs: all year long
  • For schools: October to June


Lending of promotional material

The AFGOLF team lends promotional material (inflatables tunnels, putting green, beachflags, …) to the affiliated golf clubs.


  • Allows the clubs to promote the game of golf and their infrastructures during a special event (public, with the commune, …)
  • Share the passion of the game and make people aware of their club and sport around their neighbourhood.
  • Promote the great values of our sport



  • Between March and October


Golf Ambassador

Our AFGOLF elites are our sport’s best ambassadors. They have the opportunity to invite their class for a free of charge initiation in a golf club nearby their school.


  • Allow the AFGOLF elites to share their passion and explain why they decided to play the game
  • Enhance the vision of our sport and the vision of the class towards our elite
  • Touching a wide range of young people to discover the game of golf (12-23 years of age).
  • Discover new horizons and have a better understanding of our sport by the young population. Also showing the great values it brings with it.


Between February and June

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