PGA Coach Training

You want to become a teaching pro and help player improve their golf game? In partnership with the PGA of Belgium, AFGOLF is giving the PGA Coach training in order to launch your teaching career.

30 days of class

50 days of traineeship in your homeclub

12 days of traineeship with AFGOLF

Next training session: fall 2020


Training Program

The year-long training program is composed by a number of modules:

  • Deontology
  • Teaching technique
  • Theory of coaching
  • Working with juniors
  • Dietetic
  • Mental coaching
  • Physical training
  • Injury prevention
  • Rules of golf
  • Equipment
  • Tournament management

2 traineeships will also need to be done during this training year:

  • 12 days of traineeship with AFGOLF
  • 50 days of traineeship in their homeclub

Planning 2020-2021

  • First day of class: Fall 2020
  • Program: Available in September 2020

After the training year and graduation, the PGA Coach will be able to:

The newly PGA Coach can be hired by a golf club of his/her choice and start give individual and group lessons with the official status “PGA COACH” recognised by the PGA of Europe.


The trainee will receive a diploma delivered by the Association Francophone belge de Golf, the PGA of Belgium and the ADEPS once the trainee has successfully satisfied all the requirements (exams, traineeships, homework). The diploma is also recognised by the PGA of Europe.

Training fee

2500€ + syllabus expenses


  • Opening date: Summer 2020
  • Closing date: 15th of September
  • First day of class: Fall 2020


The opening of a new PGA Coach training year requires a minimum of 10 candidates.


At the end of the training year, the graduated trainees will be invited to participate with other alumni PGA Coach to the “Trophée Initiateurs et PGA Coach”. A great opportunity to network and share their experiences.

Trophée Initiateurs et PGA Coach tournament rules
For the tournament rules and registration form, see French website
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