All federal cardholders are insured under the AFGolf golf insurance policy.


The Association Francophone de Golf.


For cover under Divisions A (civil liability), B (legal protection) and C (bodily injury) :

Members – golfers, i.e. :

  • AFGolf members whose dues are in good standing ;
  • occasional players paying a green fee and authorised players during the time they are under the authority of managers appointed by AFGolf or by the clubs affiliated to it;
  • candidate members of AFGolf who are not yet affiliated but are in the process of registering.

For cover under Divisions A and B :

  • the AFGolf ;
  • officers, directors and employees of AFGolf in the performance of their duties;
  • voluntary helpers in the service of AFGolf;
  • clubs affiliated to AFGolf, as administrators and organisers of insured activities.

For cover under Division C only :

  • non-members when they take part in promotional activities for the game of golf organised by the policyholder.

This cover is worldwide and covers both civil liability and bodily injury. This insurance applies to golf played on official courses in Belgium and abroad.

c. insured activities:

The following is covered: the practice of golf on recognised courses and related activities, for any member affiliated to the policyholder.

  1. The personal civil liability of insured persons is only covered when playing golf in an official club.
  2. The perpetrator of a damage caused by an unknown act of golf is presumed to be insured.
  3. Cover is valid worldwide.

Cover is granted while exercising the insured activities.

4. Damage covered:

  • Bodily injury and property damage
  • Immaterial damage:

Consecutive immaterial damage

Non-consecutive non-material damage, provided that it is caused by a sudden, involuntary and unforeseeable event on your part, on the part of your partners, managers or directors, or on the part of your executive employees.

Immaterial damage resulting from bodily injury or material damage that is not covered is excluded. Rescue costs Rescue costs are also covered.

5. Activities not covered:

  • Damage caused to vehicles in the car parks of clubs, whether affiliated to the policyholder or not.
  • Damage resulting from the driving or use of motor vehicles, whether or not they are subject to legally compulsory civil liability insurance.
  • Damage related to the operation of clubs affiliated to the policyholder and which does not result from the activities of the latter (for example, operation of a shop or club house, maintenance and upkeep of facilities, etc).

To report a sports accident, complete the following documents and send them to: (tel: 02/661.71.16)…

Insurance Claim AXA
Medical certificate to be completed by the doctor
Certificate of recovery or consolidation to be completed by the doctor

Enjoy the game!

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