Initiator Training

You want to invest some time in your club and develop the sportive aspect of your club? You enjoy initiate people and help newcomers?  Follow the initiation training and develop your skills to help grow the game.

8 days of class

10 days of traineeship

(AFGolf & en club)


Next training:

8 octobre 2019


  • Passed the Moniteur Sportif Initiateur MSIn course
  • Be 17 years old at the end of the current year (December 31ST)
  • Affiliated to a AFGOLF club
  • Having a maximum handicap of 18.4


to see the registration dates for the initiator training, please refer to our French page of the site

Training program

The yearlong program is composed in 5 modules (4 Tuesdays evenings et 4 Saturdays + exams)

  • Technique teaching
  • Sports didactic
  • Tournament management
  • Rules of golf
  • Equipment

2 traineeships will be requested from the student during that year:

  • 5 days with AFGOLF
  • 40h of traineeship in their AFGOLF homeclub
Full program 2019-2020

The student will also follow the module “1ers soins en milieu sportif”. The course is given by the Ligue Francophone belge de sauvetage.


After the training year and graduation, the initiator will be able to

  • Give an initiation to a group of people discover the game, beginners
  • Make people discover the game to various publics, individually or collectively
  • Organise some exercises and adapt the lesson regarding the part of the game people want to work on.
  • Manage promotional events and activities for his club
  • Develop the specific motions of the swing of golf to newcomers, beginners
  • Integrate a group, team, academy of certified golf coach to help them out
  • Have a better understanding of the rules of golf and be able to answer member’s questions


The training is given by AFGOLF in partnership with the PGA of Belgium. The trainee receives a diploma delivered by the Association Francophone belge de Golf, the Professional Golfers’ Association of Belgium and ADEPS when the trainee has completed: the 5 modules, the 2 traineeships and obtained the diploma “1ers soins en milieu sportif”.


The initiator training will open with only a minimum of 10 candidates.


At the end of the training and after successfully graduate, the initiators will be invited to take part to the “Trophée Initiateurs et PGA Coach” with the other Alumni initiators and PGA coaches.

Trophée Initiateurs et PGA Coach tournament rules
Registration from (opens 45 days before the tournament)
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