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AFGolf Badges

The AFGOLF badges represent the different steps of the learning of the game by the young players. They can be compared to the stars in the ski or the different colour belts in Judo.

For the game of golf, we are using different colour badges. We have 5 different badges and each colour signifies a tee box area on the golf course. The young player starts with the green badge and goes on with the red, blue, yellow and white one.

At each badge level, a few tests are required to be taken in various sector of the game (putting, chipping, long game, behaviour, code of conduct, rules).

This method allows the young player to find a great motivation to pass onto the next badge and also keeps the parents aware of the improving of their child during the entire year of junior classes.

It also allows to:

  • Give fixed objectives with your golf game
  • Evaluate objectively the juniors and the level of each and every one of them.
  • Propose a homogenous program across all the affiliated golf clubs and junior members
  • Adapt the training program for each player regarding their results to the tests
  • Prepare the junior efficiently to the AFGOLF selection tests to get into the elite groups


AFGOLF Badges – full explanation
8 balls test – score card
36 putts test – score card
50 putts test – score card
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Golf at School Calendar

Find out the dates where AFGOLF will be in your golf club to make children discover the game of golf.

School to golf program

Promotional Events Calendar

Find out where the AFGOLF promoting team will be throughout the year on public event and share it with your member and friends! Don’t hesitate to stop by and say hi!

Promoting the game of golf




Communication materials (visuals)

Find here all the visuals from our communication campaigns!

Find also all the posters from the open doors day, competitions, …

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